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Stores page allows you to manage your connected stores and development stores. In order to get api credentials to develop an ikas app or theme you need access to an ikas account. You can create a development store or connect to other stores and get access credentials.

Creating a Development Store

Click on the Create a Development Store button on the stores page. You will be asked to provide a store name for your development store.

After you create your store, click on the Open Store button on the store list table. This will navigate you to the dashboard for that store. Refer to the Dashboard Page page for more info about the features of the dashboard.

Connecting to a Store

If you would like to provide apps/themes to specific ikas merchants, you need to connect to their stores. This section allows you to send a connection request to the ikas merchants.

These merchants will be notified via e-mail, and they will approve/deny your partner request in the dashboard merchant settings page. In the case of an approval, your partner account will be connected to their store and you will be able to get access credentials for their stores.