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Themes are the building block of ikas storefronts. Themes determine the way a storefront looks, it functions and it is basically the heart of all e-commerce journey of the ikas merchants.

As a theme developer, your job is pretty simple. You are responsible for creating React components that can be customized with our theme editor. You won't be coding a whole page, instead you will be coding puzzle pieces that the merchants can use on whichever page they want.

ikas themes are built upon Next.js, Typescript and MobX. However, you don't need a deep knowledge of Next.js and MobX to start coding your components. ikas storefront libraries take care of all the heavy lifting for you, and allows you to focus on writing only UI related code. Most of your time during your theme development journey will be spent on coding CSS.


ikas theme development is still in beta, meaning that there can still be major changes. This documentation page itself is also still under development, meaning that not all features are currently explained here. This version of the docs is only for early access and beta testers.

Please submit your feedbacks and bug reports to our Github Page or to our Discord Server.


Join our Discord Server to keep in touch with us, and quickly get answers for your questions about the development process. The dev team will try their best to help you out!

Partner Interface

Before starting out your theme development journey, you need to create an ikas partner account from the Partner Interface, and follow these steps;

Creating Your First Theme

Open up a terminal, and execute the following command. Follow the steps and it will create the theme template on your computer.

npx create-ikas-theme@latest

Copy and paste your theme config into your config.json file. You can then go into your theme's folder and run it;

cd your-theme
yarn install
yarn dev

Now you can access your theme at http://localhost:3333.


Currently we only support yarn package manager. Support for other package managers will be available soon. For the time being, please use yarn to install dependencies and run your theme.

Let's examine the folder structure before moving on to the theme editor;

Theme Folder Structure

As mentioned earlier, ikas themes are built upon Next.js. Folder structure is the same as a classic Next.js project.

  • components folder is the place where you will be writing your components. components/__generated__ folder contains some auto generated files, that you can't modify manually.

  • pages folder is also an auto-generated folder, and you cannot modify these files. If you add or edit any page file, they will be overridden when you upload your theme. The only files that you are allowed to edit in this folder are pages/_app.tsx and pages/_document.tsx. You can edit these files to install CSS libraries and put your global imports etc. Make sure not to delete existing theme template code in those files while you add your own code.

  • store folder is the place to create your own MobX stores to share global state between your components, if necessary.

  • theme.json is also an auto-generate file, which contains all of your component declarations. Do not modify the contents of this file manually.

  • config.json is a file contains the credentials for your theme and test store. You will copy and paste the credentials given to you from Theme Config into this file.

  • next.config.js is the config file for Next.js that we created with some default settings for our purposes. There are some cases when you might want to modify this file, like testing your localization files, which we explain in greater detail in the Localization section.