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Theme Editor

Theme editor is the place where ikas merchants customize their themes to create unique experiences for their customers. It is also the place where you, as a theme developer, define your components, custom data types, theme settings and upload your theme.

Theme editor's purpose is very simple. It allows the ikas merchants to provide the necessary prop values for the components you created. Merchants can create new pages, add different components to each page and customize their theme as much as you, the theme developer, allows them to. You will understand how this relation works when you Create Your First Component.

Opening The Theme Editor

After you complete the steps to run your theme described in the Creating Your First Theme section, you can open the editor with the url below. This url opens the theme project running on your localhost in the editor. Replace the dev-your-store in the following url with your own Development Store name.

Lets look at the major sections of the editor;

Theme Settings

Theme settings is the place where you set global settings for your theme. Here is the list of the things that you can do inside theme settings, explained in greater detail;


Components is where you define and edit your components. The next section Creating Your First Component will explain this process in greater detail.

Custom Data Types

Sometimes the basic data types are not enough to get the input you need from the merchants. This is where the custom data types come into play. You can create your own custom data types and ask the merchants to provide those data for your components. Creating Custom Data page explains this process in greater detail.